Erica Korb, PhD.

Erica Korb, PhD., is an Assistant Professor of Genetics at the Perelman School of Medicine and a member of the Epigenetics Institute. The Korb lab works at the intersection of neuroscience and epigenetics with the goal of understanding the role of the epigenome in learning, memory, and neurodevelopmental disorders. We focus on chromatin, the complex of DNA and histone proteins that wrap up DNA to control gene expression, and many of the chromatin regulators that are linked to Autism Spectrum Disorder. As part of ASPE, we are investigating how gene-gene and gene-environment interactions disrupt neuronal function to lead to changes in behavior. We use methods such as genome-wide sequencing, microscopy, biochemistry, neuronal cultures, and mouse models to better understand the role of the epigenome in the brain and how epigenetic disruptions can lead to Autism Spectrum Disorder.