Dustin Haskell

Dustin Haskell graduated from Central Michigan University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences. He remained at CMU in the lab of Dr. Jennifer Schisa studying the effects of microtubule dynamics and motor proteins on the assembly of RNP granules in aged oocytes, and graduated with a Master’s of Science in 2016. From there he entered graduate school at Kansas State University in the lab of Dr. Anna Zinovyeva, studying the combinatorial effects of RNA-binding proteins and microRNAs on the control of gene expression and development in C. elegans. In 2021, Dustin graduated with his Ph.D. and joined the Hart lab. Here he has focused on understanding how human disease-derived variants of synaptic genes can effect behavior, as well as uncovering gene expression profiles in single neurons types and in variable conditions. Outside of lab, Dustin enjoys watching movies, reading, and exploring the Philly architecture and food scene.